Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Television-A Mom's Dilemma

Day 8~Too much television...

Television can be a catch 22 in my house. The shows I like, my favorite channel for that matter is the antithesis of kid friendly. It's lots of nick jr. and pbs kids for us. We actually start the day dancing. Elle absolutely loves music of all kinds (yes, she can even break it down to elevator music)! She's also decided that everything is yellow, she's started reciting her ABC's in about 2.5 seconds and all animals are dogs; to combat this we've got some DVD's to help us at least for a moment realize that the world is made up some fabulous colors, animals and if we can add a letter in at time that to me is success! Little Bill comes on at noon so we eat lunch and watch him followed up by nap time. After nap time to evenings is filled with a bit more but the way I see it, I'm trying. I always try and spark up conversation with whatever it is we're watching and she's known from time to time to even teach me something new. I can't say I understand most of it but I always smile and encourage her.

Do I indulge myself when it comes to watching what I'd like, I do. She's usually playing, making a mess or quietly starting trouble while I am. So the way I see it it's a win-win.


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