Monday, December 17, 2012

Code Red

Blog Dare Day #15: Her frantic motions...

When I'm trying to check out at the store freak me out. She can be running circles around me, mesmerized my candy, chips or soda lurking at the checkout, or any number of other things. Losing sight of her those few seconds terrify me. She's little. She's fast. And it's my job to literally have eyes in the back of head. No easy feat.

For the record I'm pro shopping cart & treats to keep her sitting, quiet might be asking too much.


The Name Game

Blog Dare Day #14: If I could have chosen my first name...

I would have picked Laura. At a young age I was a fan of the Spanish pronunciation. I remember sharing this with my mom and she said no one would enunciate it like that. Supportive, huh?! Kidding. But hey a girl can dream right...


That Big Bird in the Sky

Blog Dare Day #13: The flight attendant said...

I have yet to fly with my daughter. To be honest it scares the shit out of me! I feel like it would either be great or the most miserable experience ever. She's yet to meet my father so maybe 2013 will be the year we conquer this fear. I just don't want to be the parent with the kid crying the entire flight. Tears happen. I get it.

But with age comes understanding and I can tell already at the ripe old age of three she is understanding things better everyday. Besides they're called the friendly skies, right?


Friday, December 14, 2012

To the Newbies

Blog Dare Day #12: What I want new mothers to know...

You're going to be fine. You're gonna figure it out. Love every second of that first year. Hug that baby. Breathe in that sweet smell. Take LOTS of pictures (and videos)!

I love babies. If I could have one and not take on the life after the first year I totally would. I know I'm equal parts crazy and selfish but looking back I don't think I enjoyed it as much as I should have.

Block out the criticism. Really just turn the volume down. Your way is the right way in spite of thinking, feeling or hearing that it isn't. There's nothing a good cry won't make feel better. Connect with other moms to confide in, vent to & have fun with!


The Bigger the Bow the Better the Mommy

Blog Dare Day #11: I seem to be collecting...

Ribbon. It seems recently that every time I buy Elle an outfit my next thought is she needs a bow in her hair. I need to organize because at the moment it's not very efficient. It's also in the worst place possible, her closet. Until recently she didn't give it a second thought but she's discovered how much fun it is to play with. You try telling a three year old that she can't play with something, yeah good luck with that. Which basically means more work for yours truly.


Those Old Things

Blog Dare Day #10: The old pair of (item of clothing) that I just can't part with

I have a favorite pair of jeans from high school still in my possession. They were my absolute faves! I   don't actually remember the last time I even wore them. I just know that I'm never getting rid of them.


One Big Let Down

Blog Dare Day #9: I was certain that I would disappoint...

Everyone. When I found out I was pregnant. I remember reluctantly going to Publix on my lunch break. The butterflies in my stomach as I waited for the results. Crying in my car and feeling like a big fat loser. Mind you I was twenty eight at the time. But good girls don't get knocked up.

I survived nine months of pregnancy. I did it minus the support of a significant other. I wasn't always nice. I wasn't always happy. I didn't take enough pictures. I wasn't sure I could really do it. But somehow I figured it out and here I am still figuring it out & not even able to remember what life was like before I became a mom. Some days it's a dream and others a nightmare but I wouldn't change any of it.


Saturday, December 8, 2012

Let Her Eat Cake!

Blog Dare Day #8: The look on her face made it all worth it.

A little over a week ago Elle celebrated her third birthday. It was a day filled with lots of fun, cookies for school, a happy meal for lunch, presents, home made spaghetti & meatballs for dinner and finished with a three layer cake. PS-Maybe now that I'm all caught up with this I can write a post in greater detail about the day!

This is the year she gets it. There was anticipation & excitement leading up to the big day. Her most asked request was for cake. She looked for it in the gift bag her Godmother gave her. It was so funny, she moved the tissue paper around and everything. She woke up asking for her cake. And when she finally saw it her eyes lit up! It was a proud moment for me. She was happy and that made all the work making it worth it. It was no easy feat and it's just my nature to see the imperfections versus patting myself on the back but you know what I did it and it wasn't leaning. *high five mom* 


Wait, Mom said No and Meant it???

Blog Dare Day #7: I finally gave in and...

Two words: Got. Tough. That's right no more "soft mom" over here! When I say no, I mean no. When I say it's time for night-night, I mean it's time for night-night. When I ask Elle to do something she's more than capable of doing, I want it done.

My tolerance for tears and behavior that falls under crazy pants is at an all time high. There was a time when the tears bothered me. I gave in more than I should have. Mainly for my own personal peace but you know what tears happen. Sometimes you hear no & have to do things you don't necessarily want to. It's called life the last time I checked.

In Elle's defense (and my fantastic parenting) she has manners. She uses please and thank you often. We're working on excuse me. And everyday at afternoon carpool when the teacher has walked her to the car she says, "thank you very much," which is followed by praise from mommy for being so polite!

With Christmas break quickly approaching we will be tackling potty training. Wish us luck. Send prayers. And feel free to leave comments as to what worked for you! Guess we're adding when I say go potty like a big girl, I mean it! Oh, if it were that easy she'd be fully potty trained!


Friday, December 7, 2012

You Think you Know but you Have no Idea

Blog Dare Day #6: I don't think you understand...

How much I hate having to bring my daughter with me to the store. Any store for that matter no need to get specific. They each offer there own version of torture. Grocery. Retail. Mall.

Yesterday was a not so friendly reminder of this truth of mine. We went to Target and I tweeted, "braving Target with my mini me." First problem, they don't have the "fun" shopping cart. I was able to sidetrack her with the promise of popcorn. Throw in a water and she is happily seated in the shopping cart. We browse, pick up a few things & head to the checkout. Now by this time she's asked to walk and help push the cart. You know nothing good is going to come from this right? We get to the checkout & she asks for m&m's, her favorite. I say no. This is when the crash and burn happens.

We exit Target holding hands & Elle in complete hysterics. Oh, I should throw in the nice lady checking us out asked permission and then offered Elle a sticker. A sticker that she said she didn't want to wear, ripped off her shirt and attempted to throw on the floor. Class act, huh? I get her in the car and spend the next 20 or so minutes being tortured by the sounds of screaming with a little arm and leg flailing. You know just so she was sure she was getting her point across. For a moment I considered joining her and crying myself. Then I snapped out of it. I'm the mom! So I laughed and snapped a couple pictures as  you can see.

We got home. I ordered her up the stairs and to her room. She asked for a hug. So I snuggled with her. Um, I'm not a monster. Soon enough she was snoring and I lived to tell about this one time I wanted to do things to my kid you only confide in your closest of mom friends. Whew!


Looking back to Move Forward

Blog Dare Day #5: What I had hoped to accomplish with my blog in 2012

For help with where to start I went and read my first post of 2012. It's littered with hope and optimism. Here I am just a few weeks from the beginning of a new year and the best way to sum it up is, life happened. I don't really do as good as I should when it comes to doing things for me. I'm positive I'm not alone on suffering from the "-itis." The I-can't-do-this-because-itis. I'd say my go to excuse is being tired. Selfishly wanting to enjoy my favorite time of day, Elle's naptime. I can spend quality time with the DVR. You know watching non-animated programming. I can eat lunch. Like uninterrupted and enjoy chewing. I can nap myself. Sometimes I'm not smushed to the edge of the bed or have ninja feet digging into my back.

It's the little things like that that stop me from being the badass mom blogger that I know is lurking just below the surface. Participating in this months blog dare is serving as a rehab of sorts. I'm behind BUT I havent given up! It's kinda nice to be reunited with the black & white keys even if I am doing it from my iPhone.


A Little Kindness goes a Long Way

Blog Dare Day #4: Acts of Kindess

Last spring I joined my local chapter of the Junior League. It's proven to be rewarding in more ways than I ever thought it would be. I've met some really great women from all walks of life who are the definition of kindness.

This week was our Breakfast with Santa, we visited 144 preschoolers. They got to have their picture taken with Santa & got a snazzy sweater commemorating the day. For the children that were absent, they were left a photo of Santa & sweater, so that no one was left out! I took the role of classroom coordinator and got each class and got to see the first of the excitement on there faces. It was precious! We're actually returning to drop off Christmas presents too! This time of year can be so hard for some many families. This experience really reminded me of that and I went an bought a few more toys since we haven't made our goal yet.

The first time I got the warm fuzzies that doing something you know is benefiting someone else was when I was a part of our Book Brigade committee. Every year we visit ten elementary schools in our county and give a book to all the third grade students. It was so awesome to see their faces light up when they walked away with a book of their very own! One class even wrote us thank you letters, it was so sweet!


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Single Now but...NOT for Long!

We’re so excited to be writing a guest piece for Too Cute for Mom Jeans. It’s fantastic to be allowed loose on someone else’s blog however there is a problem. You need to think about what you write. Now I’m a guy, who runs a dating site or two…I know very little about moms…So I looked at what we had in common. Hint - it’s always in the title. I love people who are too cute for moms jeans!

So with that in mind Singles Warehouse, the place to meet singles in the United States is going to give some fantastic top tips for moms who are getting back into the dating pool. We hope you like them and would love to hear your comments.

Top Tip 1: Pick the right time

If you’ve just come out of a relationship or possibly not quite over the situation then it’s probably not the right time to start dating again. You need to give yourself time to heal so that when a new partner enters your life they have a chance to dazzle you and make you happy.

Top Tip 2: Pick the right picture

OK we all know you are too cute for mom jeans however there is one dating site no no. Your first picture needs to be one of just you. Leave the little ones out of it (for the moment). Trust needs to be built up before you show any potential pictures to a date. Also they need to get to know you first. Never lie about having children (why would anyone want to right?) but there is no need to have a picture publicly available for people to download.

Top Tip 3: Respond to all messages

It’s a well known fact that pictures on a profile increase it’s interaction level by about 10 times what it would have been before. What that means is that you will be bombarded with messages. Try your best to respond to all of them. Sure not everyone will be what you are looking for but by responding you give the chance of conversation to show other sides of the person.

Top Tip 4: Do a search

Simple right? Online dating sites have great search functions. If you are looking to chat to single parents then consider just ticking that box. You’ve signed up after all, you might as well give it a shot.

So there you have it, 4 tips for moms getting back into dating. We hope you’ve enjoyed them and would love to hear from you.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Santa, are you there? It's me...

Blog Dare Day #3: What we tell (or don't tell) the kids about Santa Claus.

I don't know what the right answer is. I realize it varies from family to family but I see it two ways. For the first we'll have to take a ride down memory lane. I was in elementary school, in the girls bathroom and a bomb was dropped on me. There was no Santa. Wait. Did I hear that right? I took it in and kept "my truth" to myself. I was telling my mom this story today and we laughed hysterically! Then there's the part of me that doesn't want the focus of Christmas to be all about this Santa guy and the presents he brings. Then it dawns on me that a lot kids are aware of Santa and I don't want to have the "jerk kid" who goes around raining on other children's Santa parade. That just doesn't seem very fair.

I've considered talking to some of the moms at my church and seeing how they balance Santa baby & baby Jesus. Balancing the traditions of the advent & the happiness that guy in the red suit brings (and at one time brought me).


A little snow. A lot of crazy.

Blog Dare Day #2: When snow begins to fall...

Luckily the part of the US we live in snow is not a normal occurrence.  When the weatherman or woman speaks the word snow it's a mad dash to the grocery store. The bread & water are the first to go and I guess it's a toss up as to what's next. 

It did snow a few years ago. It's fun for pictures and to look at but that's about it. I'm not tough enough for it. High fives all around for those of you who are! 


Close your eyes. Make a wish.

Blog Dare Day #1: My holiday wish...

When it comes to anything "I want" it can be found bringing up the rear on my "to do list." It's just one of the things I've come to accept kinda like picking up toys several times a day with a smile. 

Now that Elle is three she gets Christmas. More like she can clearly enunciate it & refers to it as "her Christmas." I'm not sure she's aware that presents are involved. I want this to be the year we start family traditions. Church will be involved. I might live on the edge and not drop her off in the nursery. I'm hopeful that between a coloring book, me & the holy spirit she can successfully make it through an hour long service. We'll sing Happy Birthday to Jesus! I'm going to do some more research into traditions & add a couple more. 

My wish is for Elle to know & begin understanding that Christmas is about much more than gifts. It's about being thankful, love and giving with an open heart.