Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Why Not Just Take Some Pictures?

I can honestly say up until now there aren't too many things I put off. If something needs to get done then I do it. But it seems that when it comes to anything child support related I sort of skirt around it. I'll do this but not that and since I understand that the process isn't exactly a quick one I continue to keep giving myself a "pass" here and there. So this week I decided that I would get everything together and do what I should have weeks ago & finally get the process started.

I paid my application fee. Have all the forms filled out, printed & ready to be signed and notarized & copies made. Everything seemed in order and I was scolding myself for my dilly-dallying. There was just one last piece to puzzle to add, which was at home & has been in my possession for about two weeks, Elle's birth certificate. When I finally open the envelope there is no birth certificate to be found. Instead I see the paperwork I sent (including the envelope that I had put everything all nice and neatly in). The reason my request was denied said because I failed to include a photocopy of my identification=WRONG! That I most certainly did but what I did do was gyp the Department of Vital Records by five dollars. So instead of being at the Office of Child Support Enforcement bright and early I was fighting traffic to get to the Department of Vital Records. To keep myself from banging my head against the steering wheel I took pictures of my agonizing drive.

There was the bus that was definitely taking up more of my lane than I felt comfortable with. Leaving me no choice but to take up the next lane. Luckily, it wasn't very long before the bus turned and was off terrorizing more tiny streets of downtown.

Since I took my sweet time leaving the house I faced a painful amount of traffic. As I approached a sea of brake lights I realized this drive was not going to happen via the highway. I had to take it to the streets. Which meant one red light after another. Looking at things from a glass half full perspective I would have never been able to do any of it without my tom-tom, for that I'm thankful. Because it would have taken no time at all for me to pound the steering wheel in angst and start crying.

It was here where I was under the impression that I was close. Incorrect. What I wasn't able to get a picture of was the stop sign that I passed three times. First, as I went the wrong way; again, when I made the wrong right hand turn; then that last time as I finally made the right I was supposed to. Since I was clear to go I thought I not piss off everyone behind me.

Finally, almost an hour and a half later...I arrived. I circled the parking lot twice before deciding that I had to park in the "employee" parking lot. All of the public parking was taken and something told me that parking in a spot of a staff member would get me towed pretty quickly. I know if I had the honor of having a spot of my own, marked "Admin. Asst." I would certainly have the tow company on speed dial.

If you think the fun stopped there rest assured it didn't. Upon walking in I had to fill out a form and wait for someone to come to the window and fulfill my request. I couldn't have been more frustrated looking through this big (gl)ass window and watching every person look at me and then not go back to work but go back to the conversation they were having. It's called customer service ladies! Not too terribly long after ringing the bell someone appeared and just minutes later I had Elle's birth certificate.

A five dollar mistake cost me all of this. XOXO

Monday, February 8, 2010

A Day with the Girls

Yesterday I spent the afternoon with my mom & Elle. Before I get to that though I made a fabulous new purchase in the form of a travel system. After church I decided to swing by Babies "R" Us for bottles and a travel wipes holder. On my way through the store we perused the clothes section. Let me tell you how much I'm looking forward to warm weather. Dresses, sandals and outfits that won't be hidden in the name of keeping the baby warm. I came very close to buying a bathing suit. It took a lot of will power not to but in the end I don't want to end up with a suit too small or too big. So I'll continue to wait impatiently. Then I spotted it...the stroller we just had to have & I know it was meant to be because it was the last one! I found someone to take it up front for us and finished up my shopping. The even better news is that Babies "R" Us has a program where you can trade in your old stroller, car seat, etc. & they give you 25% off towards the purchase of a new one. So my ridiculously expensive stroller became only expensive. The ladies there were really great and helped me get the car seat and base out of the box and helped me get everything to the car. I even assisted Don in putting it together. I wasn't exactly "hands on" per se but I read the directions to him so that's got to count for something :)

Of course, the very next thing I wanted to do was get us out there and enjoy the stroller. So me, Elle & my mom went and ran some errands together. The new car seat I learned is a giant pain in the arse! I took me adjusting Elle three times before she was in it comfortably, I've got one fancy piece of equipment on my hands. I literally worked up a sweat and she wasn't exactly thrilled with me and all the commotion I was bringing into her life. Let me also note that getting this behemoth of a stroller in the trunk takes some muscle & also commandeers the trunk in its entirety. Our first stop was the dollar store for goodies to send the kids in our family. Now I thought we were just going in there for some Valentine's Day knick-knacks. I was being naive though it's never that simple when it comes to my mother. We're standing in the toy section and within 2.5 seconds I'm over it. She's got two baskets, picks up and puts down the same coloring books, and on top of all of that knocks down just about every suggestion I make. The final straw was when she was going to follow me to some other toys around the corner and after standing there for five minutes it's evident she didn't follow me. I go on a man hunt for her and find her going through, you guessed it, more coloring books in a different section. ARRRRRGH! My mother knew I was anything but happy with her & pulled out her "I'm done" card. No lady, if you've still got things to get then you ain't! Somehow we did make it to the checkout and out of the Dollar Tree.

Our next stop was Target. And like usual I go in there with what I want in mind and leave with what I didn't even know I need. I got Elle a new toy, talked out of buying yet another outfit for her (don't tell me that you don't have a hard time saying no to clearance!), some baby einstein cd's, a snuggie for mommy and a Princess & the Frog cookbook. I also decided as I was pulled over and feeding a hungry Elle that the Princess & the Frog would be the theme for her first birthday party & I'm going to use the recipes and put on a fabulous lunch. I get happy just thinking about it :)

The night ended with with me, Elle, mom & grams watching the Superbowl. I was actually in the kitchen for most of the first half cooking. I impressed everyone with my multi-tasking skills! I fried chicken, baked brownies & sterilized Elle's bottles. All without starting a fire or burning! It actually made me look forward to having a family of my own.

It was a fabulous day. I need more like it. XOXO

PS-When it comes to my mother's skills with a digital camera saying she leaves much to be desired is an understatement, LOL! The woman will accidentally turn the camera off instead of take the picture because she hit the wrong button. But inspite of that she took some fabulous shots of Elle :)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Operation Graco

Last night marked day one in the battle of getting Elle to sleep in her crib. The crib I initially wanted to be espresso, the same one I happened to find on sale & yes the one that I had bought sheets for well before the crib itself was even purchased. I have this joke that since it's a 3-in-1 I won't be buying Elle a bed until her toes are hanging off of it. Funny, I know. But far from true if the girl is going to spend her formative years in the bed with me.

At 8:05 when I thought it was safe I ever so slowly got up from my bed and ever so softly placed my sleeping angel in her crib, come 8:06 that sleeping angel I was just talking about was no longer sleeping...LOL! I got up four times and thirty minutes passed before she was right back where she wanted to be, in my arms on the bed that she's decided she'd like to call her own. The one thing she wasn't ready for was back up. [Enter open bedroom door Gram-Gram] Who ever so graciously took my side & joined the battle. 9:38, Gram-Gram is putting Elle in her crib and as I dread the coming of 9:39, nothing. Silence. (Insert small victory & accompanying dance)

The good news: we made it through the night
The bad news: she woke up every two hours like clockwork
More good news: when she fell back asleep she was placed back in her crib
More bad news: on time number four she got a small victory in the form of spending an hour sound asleep in my arms
Terrific news: she fell back to sleep and mom was able to blow dry and straighten her hair
Poignant news: this is only the beginning

The final time I put her back in there. That put's us at five, but who's counting? Victory will be sweet but the road to get there is another story.

Elle spent about twenty minutes awake laying just enjoying her mobile :)