Monday, December 17, 2012

Code Red

Blog Dare Day #15: Her frantic motions...

When I'm trying to check out at the store freak me out. She can be running circles around me, mesmerized my candy, chips or soda lurking at the checkout, or any number of other things. Losing sight of her those few seconds terrify me. She's little. She's fast. And it's my job to literally have eyes in the back of head. No easy feat.

For the record I'm pro shopping cart & treats to keep her sitting, quiet might be asking too much.


The Name Game

Blog Dare Day #14: If I could have chosen my first name...

I would have picked Laura. At a young age I was a fan of the Spanish pronunciation. I remember sharing this with my mom and she said no one would enunciate it like that. Supportive, huh?! Kidding. But hey a girl can dream right...


That Big Bird in the Sky

Blog Dare Day #13: The flight attendant said...

I have yet to fly with my daughter. To be honest it scares the shit out of me! I feel like it would either be great or the most miserable experience ever. She's yet to meet my father so maybe 2013 will be the year we conquer this fear. I just don't want to be the parent with the kid crying the entire flight. Tears happen. I get it.

But with age comes understanding and I can tell already at the ripe old age of three she is understanding things better everyday. Besides they're called the friendly skies, right?


Friday, December 14, 2012

To the Newbies

Blog Dare Day #12: What I want new mothers to know...

You're going to be fine. You're gonna figure it out. Love every second of that first year. Hug that baby. Breathe in that sweet smell. Take LOTS of pictures (and videos)!

I love babies. If I could have one and not take on the life after the first year I totally would. I know I'm equal parts crazy and selfish but looking back I don't think I enjoyed it as much as I should have.

Block out the criticism. Really just turn the volume down. Your way is the right way in spite of thinking, feeling or hearing that it isn't. There's nothing a good cry won't make feel better. Connect with other moms to confide in, vent to & have fun with!


The Bigger the Bow the Better the Mommy

Blog Dare Day #11: I seem to be collecting...

Ribbon. It seems recently that every time I buy Elle an outfit my next thought is she needs a bow in her hair. I need to organize because at the moment it's not very efficient. It's also in the worst place possible, her closet. Until recently she didn't give it a second thought but she's discovered how much fun it is to play with. You try telling a three year old that she can't play with something, yeah good luck with that. Which basically means more work for yours truly.


Those Old Things

Blog Dare Day #10: The old pair of (item of clothing) that I just can't part with

I have a favorite pair of jeans from high school still in my possession. They were my absolute faves! I   don't actually remember the last time I even wore them. I just know that I'm never getting rid of them.


One Big Let Down

Blog Dare Day #9: I was certain that I would disappoint...

Everyone. When I found out I was pregnant. I remember reluctantly going to Publix on my lunch break. The butterflies in my stomach as I waited for the results. Crying in my car and feeling like a big fat loser. Mind you I was twenty eight at the time. But good girls don't get knocked up.

I survived nine months of pregnancy. I did it minus the support of a significant other. I wasn't always nice. I wasn't always happy. I didn't take enough pictures. I wasn't sure I could really do it. But somehow I figured it out and here I am still figuring it out & not even able to remember what life was like before I became a mom. Some days it's a dream and others a nightmare but I wouldn't change any of it.