Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Welcome to Braves Country!

Sunday we took in a Braves game as a family. That basically means that at any given point emotions are going to run high and tempers are sure to flare. The good news is we didn't let each other down :)

Just leaving the house was a feat. First, I woke up to a hangover. It's been quite sometime since I woke up head pounding and in desperate need of water and aspirin. I don't think it had anything to do with the amount I drank more so then that's just the affect of cheap alcohol, LOL! After getting my Elle gorgeous for the day ahead I moved on to readying myself; in between feeding, changing and picking up Elle, she's high maintenance but I wouldn't have it any other way. After triple checking that I had everything Elle would need: diapers & wipes, formula & water, an extra outfit, toys, sunscreen, passy's, teeth medicine and all I needed was my camera, phone, license and debit card, we were good to go and rounding up the rest of the crew.

After a small detour due to the GPS failing me we were parking the car and making our way to Turner Field! I recently bought Elle a very snazzy pair of sunglasses and some hats, both very appropriate given that we were about to spend the day under the blazing sun. She's not really there yet when it comes to the sunglasses. They kinda freak her out, like a lot! The first time she wore them was absolutely hysterical and my FLIP captured the whole thing. On our way into the park Elle was forward facing in her carrier and had quite the time. She laughed, giggled and brought a smile to everyone's face like she always does.

Right as we entered the stadium there was incident #1! My sister went off to take pictures of the pre-game parade going on but failed to tell anyone. So I'm standing there literally freaking out because I'm thinking the worst. In the blink of an eye anything could happen! So as I scan the crowd for my chocolate drop I see her making her way back to us. She went up front to get some pictures. All of the commotion also sent Elle into quite the tizzy. It was pretty much sensory overload. But after a few squeezes and smoooches she was back to herself. Here the three of us are with Homer, the Braves mascot. FYI-I just had to google that tidbit of information!

We finally started to making our way to our seats which were by the way fabulous! Don had got them from his boss who couldn't go. We ended up right at home plate and first base. And although the sun was relentless the seats made it worth it. I figure I knock out two birds with one stone with a picture of how close we were and of the man who is my favorite and cutest Brave of em' all...Jason Heyward! As the game geared up Elle was on her way to sleep. I re-applied sunscreen, adjusted her hat and let her nap. When they made there first home run it actually startled her out her sleep but after she realized she was okay she nodded right back off. We were somewhere around the fifth inning or so when baby girl decided to join us. I decided to go cool us down with a trip to the bathroom and drink carts! First up, a rather eventful trip to the bathroom. There wasn't a changing table. Big surprise there. This is the third instance where I had to take Elle into a stall to get her changed. It wasn't till' I was in there with her that I realized just how sweaty she was. Her back was soaked! So as I proceed to get her undressed she begins to scream at the top of her lungs. She's hungry! So everything comes to a screeching halt so I can get the girl fed. Six ounces of formula later the hunger pains have passed and I get back to what we went in there for. I get her diaper changed, her new outfit on and yes, use the restroom myself (all with one hand might I add) and we're washing our hands and mom is ready for a cold beer! Elle takes in the next few innings on the laps of her Gram-Gram and Paw-Paw.

We left around the 8th inning (FYI-we won 13-1). The Braves were winning and well I didn't really want to fight a bunch of traffic trying to leave, so the car we went! As we were exiting the stadium we ran into Dizzy! We usually spend Sunday's with her. We were supposed to go to the game with her but then Don got the tickets and it became a family affair. It was great to see her. I've really come to look forward to them & I know Elle has too. Dizzy is the only non-relative Elle's ever spent time away from us with too! I know I'm in trouble with those two when Elle starts talking! We snapped a quick picture together but it's on Dizzy's camera so when she gets it uploaded I'll be adding it!

It was honestly a great day! Even though my mom got a stain on her white tank, Auntie Sam had a mini meltdown from the heat, and as usual it all went over Don's head cause he still doesn't get what all the commotion is about...LOL!



Monique said...

Your baby is gorgeous!
Visiting from the summer blog tour!

V.V.Brown said...

Thanks & please stop by again!