Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Week #1-Focusing on the Positive

So as I begin the sendoff to this final 20lbs., week one rather fittingly begins with a glass half-full take on yourself. The question is: What is the one thing that you find makes you feel beautiful/good about yourself? And why?

At first I was anything but bombarded with answers, LOL! But after spending the majority of the day thinking about it I'd have say being bronze makes me feel good about myself. Yes, for those of you who are questioning my ethnicity; I indeed am black (and puerto-rican) and I love sunless tanner/bronzing lotion. I am not severely darker then my natural complexion but I have what I'd consider a lovely glow. Since I'm not able (and FYI-it's not healthy) to roast under the sun, I go this route. I've been doing it for years and normally start right around spring. I'd have to say Jennifer Lopez was my muse so to speak. I think she has gorgeous skin and to me there is nothing like pulling off a sunkissed glow.



ShandyLand said...

Yup, you do a great bronzing job...if I can call it that. I have always loved JLO's Glow lol...I'm going to make sure I'm Glowing this summer as well. Looking for some good bronzer, and makeup also. Your bangs are back!!!!

Lisa @ This Mommy Works said...

I love bronzer!
Having a glow about yourself does make you feel great :-)
Thanks for joining in this week!