Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Elle for the Win!

When it comes Elle and bedtime let's just say that Operation Graco is still in full force. It goes without saying, the girl wears me out! During the week it's not so much of an issue because I've got to get up for work and well getting two beautiful gals ready for the day takes it's due time. I've recently discovered the joys of coffee and must admit it's my savior! A cup of Maxwell House, chocolate creamer, and some sugar and this mom is ready to take on the day that is until I hit my afternoon slump, but even then a little fresh air and it's five o'clock before you know it.

Elle's hit a new developmental milestone and the girl can't lay still to save her life. She's rolling all by herself! And just because you put her down in one place that doesn't mean that's where she'll be a blink of an eye later. This is proving to be a MAJOR problem when it comes to her sleeping in her crib. She's moving around so much that she's waking up tangled up in herself and she's not sleeping as soundly. Last night was the perfect example of this. She initially fell asleep in my arms and once I thought the coast was clear she went in her crib and mom got to eat dinner! Not long after that I was asleep myself and just like that Elle was awake and crying. I found her in the upper left hand corner of her crib wailing at the top of her lungs. After some formula and the soothing sounds of the womb bear she was back out and placed ever so gently back in her crib. As soon as her pretty brown skin hit the crib she was already trying to fight me. Well, I resisted the urge to pick her back up and stuck the passy in her mouth and she was headed right back to snooze ville! GO MOM! In what was under about two hours she was up and back soundly asleep in my arms in just a matter of minutes. Are you seeing a pattern here too?! Well I can honestly say I gave her all the fight I had because when I woken up again this time at the stroke of midnight, I decided that Elle was the winner of this battle. I got her back to sleep and placed her next to me and she proceeded to take up the ENTIRE bed, which might I add is a queen! As I worked my way to the very edge all I think about was how nice it was to have it all to myself.

Well, not tonight mom!



Anonymous said...

Its me Uncle Omar.
I love the Pics and your insight. I'll leave a longer comment in the future. Its just that I have so much to say. (hee hee).
Love you, and see you soon.

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