Monday, May 17, 2010

Week #2-Change it Up

So I'm late. I've got more on my plate then can fit and well this is part of what fell off. I'll press pause on whining about any of that and get back to the topic at hand...dropping some pounds!

The question for last weeks was, "What have you tried or what are you planning to try to change it up a little?"

What I'd like to do to change my routine up is start walking at the park. Although I've got the fancy schmancy gym membership, this for me is a lil' outside of my comfort zone. For one I'm notorious for laughing at people who exercise outside. In most instances it's those who are running/walking. People do funny stuff. So before you judge me, I think it's only fair that people laugh at me as well. See there, balance...LOL! But seriously my goal is to go three times a week and walk two miles. I figure it's best to be realistic and set an attainable goal. Not to mention I can bring Elle along with me and it'll be some much needed mommy-daughter time injected into our week.

Here's to taking on the concrete jungle!


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