Monday, December 3, 2012

Close your eyes. Make a wish.

Blog Dare Day #1: My holiday wish...

When it comes to anything "I want" it can be found bringing up the rear on my "to do list." It's just one of the things I've come to accept kinda like picking up toys several times a day with a smile. 

Now that Elle is three she gets Christmas. More like she can clearly enunciate it & refers to it as "her Christmas." I'm not sure she's aware that presents are involved. I want this to be the year we start family traditions. Church will be involved. I might live on the edge and not drop her off in the nursery. I'm hopeful that between a coloring book, me & the holy spirit she can successfully make it through an hour long service. We'll sing Happy Birthday to Jesus! I'm going to do some more research into traditions & add a couple more. 

My wish is for Elle to know & begin understanding that Christmas is about much more than gifts. It's about being thankful, love and giving with an open heart. 


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