Friday, December 7, 2012

A Little Kindness goes a Long Way

Blog Dare Day #4: Acts of Kindess

Last spring I joined my local chapter of the Junior League. It's proven to be rewarding in more ways than I ever thought it would be. I've met some really great women from all walks of life who are the definition of kindness.

This week was our Breakfast with Santa, we visited 144 preschoolers. They got to have their picture taken with Santa & got a snazzy sweater commemorating the day. For the children that were absent, they were left a photo of Santa & sweater, so that no one was left out! I took the role of classroom coordinator and got each class and got to see the first of the excitement on there faces. It was precious! We're actually returning to drop off Christmas presents too! This time of year can be so hard for some many families. This experience really reminded me of that and I went an bought a few more toys since we haven't made our goal yet.

The first time I got the warm fuzzies that doing something you know is benefiting someone else was when I was a part of our Book Brigade committee. Every year we visit ten elementary schools in our county and give a book to all the third grade students. It was so awesome to see their faces light up when they walked away with a book of their very own! One class even wrote us thank you letters, it was so sweet!


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