Friday, December 7, 2012

You Think you Know but you Have no Idea

Blog Dare Day #6: I don't think you understand...

How much I hate having to bring my daughter with me to the store. Any store for that matter no need to get specific. They each offer there own version of torture. Grocery. Retail. Mall.

Yesterday was a not so friendly reminder of this truth of mine. We went to Target and I tweeted, "braving Target with my mini me." First problem, they don't have the "fun" shopping cart. I was able to sidetrack her with the promise of popcorn. Throw in a water and she is happily seated in the shopping cart. We browse, pick up a few things & head to the checkout. Now by this time she's asked to walk and help push the cart. You know nothing good is going to come from this right? We get to the checkout & she asks for m&m's, her favorite. I say no. This is when the crash and burn happens.

We exit Target holding hands & Elle in complete hysterics. Oh, I should throw in the nice lady checking us out asked permission and then offered Elle a sticker. A sticker that she said she didn't want to wear, ripped off her shirt and attempted to throw on the floor. Class act, huh? I get her in the car and spend the next 20 or so minutes being tortured by the sounds of screaming with a little arm and leg flailing. You know just so she was sure she was getting her point across. For a moment I considered joining her and crying myself. Then I snapped out of it. I'm the mom! So I laughed and snapped a couple pictures as  you can see.

We got home. I ordered her up the stairs and to her room. She asked for a hug. So I snuggled with her. Um, I'm not a monster. Soon enough she was snoring and I lived to tell about this one time I wanted to do things to my kid you only confide in your closest of mom friends. Whew!


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