Monday, June 28, 2010

210 Days of Mommyhood

As I hit day two hundred and ten of motherhood I can't help but pull out the calculator (math isn't my thing) and put some perspective on how many days we have to go till' it's day three hundred & sixty-five, drum roll please....155! When I look to the days ahead I realize that summer is going to come to an end and with the cold weather I've got pea coats, scarves & mittens in lieu of a bunting suit to look forward to.

My little Elle is more than I could have ever asked for. She's got rolling down and is well on her way to crawling. She's still figuring out how to maneuver her legs to get moving but it's coming together. She's definitely giving it her all with her head laying flat and her bottom in the air and her legs moving but just not the rest of her. One day she'll put it all together I just hope I can keep up! She still doesn't have teeth but they're on there way, right?! Our pediatrician's kid got they're teeth on the later end of a year so until there is something to worry about...I won't. Besides her pretty smile is all gums and there is just something so precious about it.

Me and Elle have come a long way when it comes to church on Sunday's. I'm so very proud of us! I want to start with our ride this past Sunday morning. The sun can blind my poor girl and this particular time I couldn't help but laugh. My first thought was Elle is definitely honors level material. She had the sun in her eyes but this time around she didn't just take it she actually moved her head around to get it out of the sun. I was impressed. But then decided I should pull over and put her sunglasses on. If she could understand that the sun was in her eyes then ofcourse she'd get that the sunglasses were there to help. In theory that makes sense; however, that was not the case. By the time we were getting back on the road she had taken them off! We kept trucking and when we got to a red light I tried putting her glasses back on but still no luck! We also scored with our parking spot too! There was a car pulling out but I passed them basically burned rubber and circled the parking lot to get back to it, it was in the very front of the church, primo spot. I did have to be just a wee bit aggressive in attaining it which I know isn't very nice but I've got a heavy baby to carry & it was either there or in the overflow lot, so cut me some slack! Looking back to the first time I dropped her off at the nursery, I was terrified. I'm pretty sure I spent the entire hour with an accelerated heart beat, but we made it! This Sunday though when I came to pick her up she was sitting and had her sandal in her mouth. No tears in sight and all smiles! I guess she's getting the hang of it. I know she gave the ladies there a run for there money and I'm so glad that they didn't buzz me at the first sight of tears and by tears I mean pissed off, fussy, tired theatrics...thank you sweet baby Jesus!

Time flies when you're having fun! XOXO

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