Friday, June 11, 2010

180 Days of Mommyhood

We made it halfway! In another six months I'll have all the makings of a little person on my hands. I've decided it's a catch-22! One one hand I'm looking forward to what the next months have in store but on the other hand it's like my baby is disappearing right before my eyes. Sometimes I find myself looking at her and can't help but think, "WHERE DID MY BABY GO?!"

Elle's six month check-up was about eight days before her official anniversary. And me and her Auntie Sam took her. I hadn't been to the pediatrician's office since I entered back into the workforce from the glorious time I spent as a SAHM (AKA-maternity leave). It was great to see the doctor! Of course in true mom fashion I had Auntie Sam snapping pictures. Which our pediatrician has become accustomed to. She even commented about how I'd have the pictures on facebook later that day! Yes, she really is that awesome. Everything checked out well! She's actually above average in the weight dept. but no worries, she looks healthy & not fat! She weighed in at 16 lbs. & 13 oz. which was actually very funny because the girl weighing her said 26 lbs. at first. Me and my sister looked at each other and I asked the girl if she was sure, LOL! Elle was also due for some vaccinations. Three to be exact, one oral and the other two the good ol' fashion way. I'd have to say that Elle did a great job! She cried but after some hugs and kisses from mom & a bottle she was ready to get dressed and head out. The good news is that on her next visit she won't get any shots! Now if there was only a way I could let her know that?! Her next one's aren't due till she's a year. It's so weird to even type that. A year. She's gonna be a year!

That seems like the perfect way to segway into what I've recently just begun, as of yesterday to be exact...planning Elle's first birthday! I thought I had a plan of what I wanted to do and after just a few clicks all of that changed. I've got folder and after printing out a pretty informative article on how to plan a 1st birthday party, I'm officially ready! I think I've settled on the invites, the theme is coming together and the party favors are going to be fabulous! To say I'm beyond excited is nowhere close to what I'm feeling and let me remind you that we've got six months to go! I really feel like this birthday is going to set the standard. It's like it's a test. I know it's not really a test, but just go with it. I realize this isn't something she's going to remember so I'll hold off on the petting zoo & clowns until it's appropriate. Oh, yes! I mean birthday business baby :) If Elle knows nothing else early on she'll know this: I LOVE HER! I take pictures of everything. I'm not matchy-matchy but if I'm wearing yellow, she's wearing yellow. I plan everything! And it's that planning that means she is going to be having a blast & that's what is most important to me. I've already got the makings of a social butterfly on my hands. Her face literally lights up when we head out the front door and she's super friendly!

She's a tiny version of her momma! Six months down and six to go...


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