Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Summer Lovin'

This past weekend are best summed up as two fun days in the sun!

On Saturday we went to Tracy's and lounged by the pool. It was Elle's first pool day! Oh, how I love the first's we get to experience together. It took us an unusually long time to get out of the house. I must have gone back in at least three times to grab something I forgot only to realize there was something else and oh yeah, one more thing too! Geez! But before you knew it we had the wind in our hair and our baby einstein cd playing our favorite tunes. Elle's acquired a new talent. She can get one of her shoes off (usually it's the left one), by rubbing her little feet together and then she proceeds to suck on it. She had her very cute white eyelet ones in her mouth pretty much the entire way we were on on way to Tracy's. I wasn't really up to fighting with her in the car so I let her go ahead and enjoy herself, who am I to ruin someone's good time?! LOL. Once we finally got to Tracy's I got Elle changed in to her swimsuit. It's a tankini & it's brown zebra print (ofcourse it's a print. mom has yet to meet a print that she didn't like!) and has pink accents. It's soooooo cute! It took me awhile to commit to buying Elle a bathing suit they are all so cute but I just hadn't found something I loved. Well finally one faithful trip to Babies "R" Us, I spotted it & it was love at first sight. As I was changing Elle's diaper, I had her on the floor and her diaper was open and she got me, like a little cherub fountain...LOL! It was actually very funny & it didn't even phase Tracy she's gotta a dog so she's familiar with the accidents that happen, kids and dogs I tell you! We headed out to the pool and went to dip our feet in the water. Maybe next time I'll put a suit on but I was in shorts and a tube top, classic Vanessa. And Elle thoroughly enjoyed herself! She kicked her little feet around but once I sat her in the water she had a minor freak out and well that was a enough of that. We spent the rest of the afternoon in the shade and after a bottle and sunscreen application Elle was taking a nap. We had a great time with Tracy and are both definitely looking forward to more pool days!

Sundays are reserved for Dizzy. And this Sunday she invited us to tag along with her to her 10 year high school reunion cook out. To say that it was hot was a gross understatement. The sun was shining and it was blazing! We were both in purple dresses (in support of the Lakers....ofcourse!) FYI-as it stands the series is tied 2-2. And speaking of the Lakers, Dizzy has a very cute picture of yours truly in my Lakers tank...hmmmm?! Well being that I was not a graduate of Mays, I didn't know anyone there but there were a few familiar faces; people that I've met through Dizzy. It made me think of my own reunion that is on the horizon and my first thought was there won't be that many black people there....LOL! It also made me very glad that I've chosen the school for Elle that I have. Diversity is so important and so is knowing that black is beautiful, in all of its shades. After about two hours we threw in the towel. Elle was sweating her lil' butt off! I think she was having fun but I'm sure she was happy to be in the cool air conditioned car. Once we got home I gave her a bath and we enjoyed what was left of the weekend together.

I laid her in her crib while I put away some laundry. And this is what my tiny acrobat did:

Auntie Sam thought this was very funny! She started to call Elle's crib, "baby jail" and in no time flat my niece had joined in :) PS-can we talk about how she's actually looking at the camera & is that a smile I see?! Oh yeah it is! Progress baby, progress :)

OH! I almost forgot. Me and Elle had another first this weekend. On Sunday morning at church I dropped Elle off at the nursery! This was a very big step for me but I was looking forward to being able to focus & it ended up being just what I needed to hear. They gave me one of those buzzers you get at restaurants when your table is ready. Even though I spent the hour in a silent panic...we both made it! Although when I went to pick her up she was crying she had been fine the entire time they said. She was just tired. As soon as I got her calmed down, in the car & pulled over to feed her, she drifted off to sleep. She was really sleeping because when I got into the house and got her out of her car seat she stayed asleep! SCORE! Mom got to enjoy a bowl of cereal :)

Summertime fun has just begun...XOXO



Your daughter is beautiful!! The post made me miss my babies who are 8 and one turns 12 today!! Where does the time go?

I agree what you said about diversity. I am half black and half white. My children's father is white but they are very aware that they have black in them too. I think it's important to expose them to diversity. I am fortunate that i live outside of what used to be a military base, so this town ( although less since the base closed ) is pretty diverse and a good place for raising kids.

Love the pics... :)

V.V.Brown said...

Oh wow! We'll be there in due time.

Sounds fabulous! I don't know what I was thinking having a child in the south...LOL! But she's got me as her mother so she'll be just fine.

THANKS! I love taking picutures :)