Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sorching, sweltering, sizzling...in other words, HOT!

Over the weekend me, Elle & my niece, Tatiana spent the afternoon with Tracy and her god daughter Ella. There was a festival going on at a park in the city and I couldn't think of a better way to get out and have some fun! There are the girls all buckled in and ready to go! Aren't they some cuties :)

We made it to the park right as things were getting started. After cruising by the booths we ended up at the playground and that's where we spent the rest of our afternoon. Tatiana and Ella had a fun time playing and me and Elle had a lunch break. As the girls were playing the inflatables were in the final stages of going up and Tots was all about em'! There was an alligator and a crayola playhouse that she had fun on. Ella did her best to keep up but it just wasn't in the cards for her. She's not quite there yet in the being able to play and jump without adult assistance, but she gave it her best! GO ELLA! The next thing to catch Tatiana's eye was one of those jumpy contraptions. I have no idea what they're really called but they strap you in and you jump. Well the sun had kicked in full force and was beaming down on us from above. Tots really wanted to do it and since the line wasn't very long, we were in it to win it. The waiting was unbearable for both of us for very different reasons. I'll start with her, she's an impatient four year old. She was just steps from being able to jump her lil' heart out. She kept asking me if it was her turn and I did my best to explain to her (several times might I add) that she had to wait her turn, everyone had to wait there turn, it's called being fair. I'm pretty sure she wasn't impressed with my answer but my next line of defense was to use a nick jr. cartoon to help explain things but something told me she just wasn't in to mood, she just wanted to jump! It was right around here where another mom and myself were ready to jump one of the guys working there. Apparently, there were two lines and when he went to strap in a kid who hadn't even begun to break a sweat we pounced on him. Actually, she took the lead and I played back-up, but don't let that fool you...I meant business too! But fair is fair and we just picked the wrong line...hahahaha! I thought our odds were better staying put and waiting it out with the little kids since the bigger ones would probably be better jumpers and would be able to last longer. So there were two kids in front of us and after me and another mom tried to beat up the guy working the activity, one of those said children was strapped in and we just had one little girl standing in our way. In what seemed like an eternity it was FINALLY our turn, WOO HOO BABY! Now this is where I'll give Tots some credit. She only jumped a few times and in just a matter of minutes she was scared and she demanded that the guy get her unstrapped, to the point where she was ready to un-do herself from it. I took my "mom's not playing, in this case auntie B means business" and told her to stop. After a quick diaper change & reapplying of sunscreen I was placing Elle back in her stroller & Tots was ready to take her sneakers off and put her flip flops on. We're so high maintenance!

On our way to the exit we stopped for a quick bite. I got Tots a slice of pizza and some pink lemonade. We stopped at a picnic area to enjoy it. And since the benches were hurting Tatiana's bottom we moved to another spot, I tell you it's always something with that girl! Next problem, the slice of pizza was too big for her to hold on her own. So being the great aunt that I am, I held it and fed it to her. All the while giving bites to Ella too! When we were all done Tracy took a moment to remind Ella that's how you share because prior to that when Tracy had given Tots one of her juices she had a small meltdown about it. Before we started our trek to the car we got a group shot!

After a few tears shed by Ella from not wanting to sit in her stroller in favor of wanting to walk, we were back at the car and loading the girls in. In no time at all they were all soundly asleep, GO VEE & TRA'!

The day before our perspiring park adventure we went swimming at Tracy's! And this time I actually put on a bathing suit so that Elle could fully enjoy the water. I know, I'm just a good mom like that. It took her a few minutes to warm up to it but before you knew it she was having a great time. Kicking her feet, giggling, and enjoying the water!

Here's to more fun in the sun. XOXO

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