Wednesday, July 14, 2010

"Not" Mom of the Year

I'd have to say that I'm both surprised and proud of myself for wanting to be "Not" Mom of the Year, I've wanted the coveted Mom of the Year title since the day I had my daughter. To be completely honest, it started while I was pregnant. I wanted to look my best inspite of feeling my worst, which meant a new haircut, saying goodbye to the blonde hair that I felt defined such a huge part of the person I was (that alone was a hard pill to swallow if that's who I was then who am I now), smiling through the morning sickness which left me unable to eat till the clock struck noon, an obsession with finding skinny leg maternity jeans so I could still wear my uggs, determination not to pack on the pounds, and perseverance to still celebrate one of my favorite holidays almost eight months pregnant, Halloween.

I've only been a mom nearing eight months but in this "short" time I began striving to be Gold Star Mom and today I can say & more importantly mean, the day isn't a failure if I don't get a gold star; some days are no star days and those are the times that I want to share with you...

When it comes to Elle and her crib lets just say I've won a battle here and there but she's won the war. It's with a heavy heart and bowed head that I admit Elle spends more nights next to me then in the pretty crib just inches away. She's actually turned into quite the bed hog! The first time I decided to lay down the law put her in there and let her cry it out this is what being a tough guy got me.

It hurts, guess that's why they're called growing pains...huh? She was supposed to calm down and nod off but after what was the longest half hour of our lives I relented, snapped this photo & begged for forgiveness.

When it comes time for mom to eat let's just say that it's no easy feat. When there's another person around it makes things a lot easier but more times then not that's a luxury I'm not always afforded.

I make sure she's fed & changed, then I place her in her bouncer, hand her a toy & make myself my dinner. She's stubborn! I'm 100% sure there is nothing wrong with her other than obviously not wanting to be strapped into the bouncer, which I know sounds rough but if she wasn't buckled in she would wiggle her way out of it and right onto the floor. So she cries, yells, attempts to get free and I let her. It's usually in an on and off pattern, she distracts herself, then remembers she's mad and is right back at it.

Taking pictures is just what I do! I was inspired by this article I read of a mom who took a picture of her son everyday his first year. I started out determined but I only made it around three months or so. I had the best of intentions but it takes a LOT! From when Elle was just an infant (mind you she's still just a baby) I've been pushing her buttons attempting to get the perfect shot.

The best part of all is that shots like this one and many more like it have turned out to be some of my favorites. I can't wait to be able to tell her about all the times I was unwavering in my desire for just the right picture.

I unashamedly match our outfits. I'm not a total nut job in that it has to be the same shade but if I'm wearing purple, she's wearing purple. I find it both fashion forward and absolutely adorable. It was hard to pick just the right picture that shows our style and quirky-ness but I think this one does a pretty good job!

I'm keeping it simple in a black & white tank and Elle's shining in her Run DMC onesie our facial expressions are just an added bonus :)

Whoever said being "Not" Mom of the Year was underrated clearly hasn't met me! XOXO


The Mommyologist said...

She is an absolute doll!!! It sounds to me like you are doing everything right! I used to put my son in the bouncer all the time so I could eat, clean up, take a shower, whatever! We do what we have to do just to make it through the day, right?

Thanks so much for entering!

Life Without Pink said...

I love the line "I unashamedly match our outfits." That is so stinkin cute! Of course if I did that it would be weird, since I have two boys, haha. Love the photos and sounds like you are doing a great job!

Thanks for linking up!

Mungee's Ma said...

It is hard to get the perfect picture of the little ones, especially when they're on the move. Sometimes the imperfect pictures do look perfect in our eyes though. I love that you match outfits!

ShandyLand said...

I would nominate you as "Mom of the Year"! You've done a great job!