Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Reality Check-Time

This past weekend I FINALLY went on the hospital tour. Prior to this I had registered three times and each time for either this reason or the other I never made it. When it comes to me it's always something. And it wasn't until the most recent time I missed it that I actually read the confirmation letter they sent. It contained words both using underlined and bold font, and very plainly stated that if you are late and the tour has started....you are not welcome to partake in the festivities. That's why this time I vowed it would be different. With a party of five it was essential that everyone know that I would leave without them if they were not at the car at the designated time. Harsh but ultimately necessary.

The tour didn't start till' noon (previous attempts I had signed up for the 9:00 am departure); we left at 10:30 arrived a mere thirty or so minutes later, parked the car and decided to burn our minutes eating lunch at the Mickey D's located on the second floor cafeteria. Which I have to say had some of the slowest service I had ever experienced in fast-food dining. It was painful to watch. But in no time at all we were wrapping up & heading back to the atrium to start the tour.

Being that I travel with an entourage we were on the family tour which meant there was a good chance there would be some children involved. Luckily, it was too bad. It was us (me, mom, don, grams & sam), a couple, and a family consisting of mom, dad and two sons (both around nine and ten and boy were they a handful....LOL). After exchanging pleasantries we were walked through what will happen when we arrive on D-day. Rather fitting...huh? D-day=delivery day...LOL. Work with me :) Our guide showed us where we walk & sign-in at. The labor and delivery room (LDR) where the main event takes place. It was so surreal to be sitting in the very room I'll be bringing my baby girl into the world in. Writing about it now starts the water works. I'm so happy to have the end in sight and be so close to meeting her. Meanwhile, the husband who made up the other half of the couple on the tour asked lots of questions that I found comic relief in. Such as:

(1) Is there a doctor on call? Here's the thing. You call your doctor and they call the hospital. I guess that part went right over his head, LOL! FYI-In cases where the mom hasn't gotten pre-natal care & doesn't have her own doctor they use the one on-call. I know I haven't come this far with my doctor to not have him be the one to deliever my Elle.

(2) Are there times where there are more women then beds available? I think he was getting freaked out with the numbers our guide was throwing out there. But I swear he asked if they would just leave his wife in the hallway on a gurney. Really dude? You're at Northside. There is a reason so many women choose to have there babies there. And I'm pretty sure that being left in the hallway isn't one of em'. Our guide assured him that they wouldn't park his wife in the hallway & that there are times when occupancy is higher than capacity allots; but, he had no reason to worry or work himself up. Everything would be taken care of accordingly.

Next, we headed upstairs to what they've termed "family (something or other) pods." We saw the nursery, where you can send your baby to whenever you'd like. We saw what the rooms look like. And finished up in front of the birth certificate office. Where we were told to make sure we turn the form in before leaving the hospital (DUH!) and to check the box to start the process for applying for the social security number. Throughout the tour we saw three or four mom's being rolled out with there baby & belongings. It was so sweet. Although I do plan on having my hair done and wearing a minimal amount of make-up...that's gonna be me! It was another stop, think and realize moment. This is really happening and when I push the nerves aside, I know that I'm ready.

Oh, one other fun thing we covered were pictures. If you know me then you know I'm all about the pictures. So before you take that stroll to the curb you'll have a chance to have some photos taken and put on anything from a ceramic bootie to a handbag. I pretty much fell in love with everything.

twenty-nine days to go! XOXO

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Fergster said...

I'm looking at the virtual pic of how big she is now, and I can't believe it. Sucking her thumb and all!!!!

I can't wait to see pictures from your D DAY!! That is hilarious!

I probably would have started crying.