Thursday, November 12, 2009

In Honor of Elle

I'm going to start by saying that I'm extremely loved and blessed to have the family, friends, and support that I do. This whole bringing life into the world thing is full of ups and downs; and, not having the person you enjoyed those ten minutes with by your side through the tears, cravings and That being said, on with the celebrating!

I was fortunate enough to have two amazing baby showers. The first put together by the wonderful and generous women of my church. I asked for a diapers & wipes shower after reading about one online. I thought it'd be a great way to start gathering some essentials. Yes, Elle is going to be beautiful & dressed impeccably but she'll be spending most of her time pooping, drooling and crying. I was literally brought to tears when I walked in. It was so much more than I had anticipated it being. To have women that didn't know me give with such open hearts was overwhelming. The cake was adorable, the food was delish, the gifts just kept coming & the conversation was priceless. It was a fabulous time! Boxes of diapers, wipes, diaper rash ointment (which we later joked shouldn't be needed with all the diapers and wipes I received, LOL), some very cute outfits, gift cards & a diaper bag to die for! My car was even loaded for me and when all was said & done I car full of goodies. The most special gift of all was a journal that was passed around throughout the shower and filled with scriptures & thoughts of encouragement. After all this how could I possibly doubt that God doesn't have a plan for me?

(The awesome cake & equally awesome Melanie who put everything together!)

My second shower was thrown by Elle's Godmothers, Rebecca & Tracy. It was a fabulous afternoon filled with delicous food (courtesy of the Flying Biscuit...yummers!), a beautiful cake (courtsey of Michelle), games, gifts and most special my girlfriends. Some of who I hadn't seen in ages! It was great to have the chance to catch up & visit with them. It was also nice to introduce the new additions of my life to the older ones. One of my close girlfriends just had a baby and she brought her along for the fun too! It was great and equally hilarious to see her in action. It was priceless watching her hold a bottle with her elbow and use her other free hand to eat a piece of turkey bacon. Oh, what I have to look forward too :) On an even funnier note when we finally got home my Grams got out the car holding two ballons. Something told me to take them from her but when nature calls as a pregnant lady you better hurry up and answer or suffer the embrassing consequences. When I walked out to the living room Grams only had one ballon. I walked outside and my mom looked at me and just started laughing. She saw everything. I wish I had. She ended up letting the one I really liked loose. Guess I'll always have my memories....

(Me, Mom & Grams; My favorite picture from the shower; The beautiful & delish cake.)

twenty-seven days to go! XOXO

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