Friday, November 6, 2009

Cue the Trumpets!

Although it appears that I fell of the grid today marks my triumphant return (insert fanfare). I'm officially back! I know you missed me...

Its been fifteen weeks and three days. I. Know. Horrible. But after some re-vamping and the inspiration of other mom bloggers I'm glad to just be back to narrating the going's on and happening's. To catch you up, the short version goes something like this: I was twenty weeks pregnant moving ever so slowly through my second trimester. Today I'm at thirty-five weeks, nearing the end of my third trimester and just a matter of weeks from the delivery of my precious baby girl. In the midst of having a very special friendship fall apart I found solidarity in another one. I've come to absolutely cherish my mother and our relationship. Without her this would be a very different experience. I've found strength in my tears and faith in knowing I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be and have let go of needing to understand why. I'm finally enjoying it. All of it: uncomfortable sleep, middle of the night leg cramps, being unable to take cold or allergy medicine, limited bending capabilities, and then ofcourse there is wrestling with my emotions. I've felt it all and at this juncture I'm pretty sure I've said it all too.

I'm happy being me. I've come to terms with the fact that I'm vain. Conscious of packing on the pregnancy lbs. Only twenty-nine pounds so far & I was recently told I only look four or five months along (all I can say is THANK YOU MOM!) I'm constantly reading. I've managed to get around the inevitable pregnancy side effects like drinking tons of h20 to avoid swollen feet. FYI-I made it this far minus any swelling :) Competitiveness comes naturally. I plan and organize to an extent that makes sense to few. This is the way I always knew I'd be.

thirty-three days to go! XOXO

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