Saturday, January 1, 2011

I'm back...Happy New Year!

I'm making Day #1 of 2011 count. Its consisted of waking up with a headache, a fabulous nap, power outage, and two significant challenges. First, I've decided to make this the year my blog finds its place in the "Blogging Momma" realm and with that I'll be blogging daily in 2011. In an effort to make things more interesting I'll also be doing a "Single Mom's Lesson of the Day." My intent is daily reflection, everyday has started to feel the same and this is my way of being able to enjoy this moment in it's entirety.

Weeks ago I said today is D-day, Elle's first day as an independent sleeper, up until now we've been living it up with little regard for Elle's bed hogging ways. It wasn't until dusk hit that I started wrestling with what I had signed myself up for and as it got later and Elle showed signs of sleepiness it hit me, there were gonna be tears and little understanding but this is what we needed, I want my bed back and Elle's a big girl, I mean a little-big girl. So with the night light plugged in and a full belly she dozed off, I gave her about 20 min. and decided I was either going to make my move or fail. So I laid her in the crib and the tears hit instantly, insert deep breath. I stayed strong, laid her down, rubbed her back, reassured her that I loved her and this was not a form of torture but a moment of liberation! It took at least five tries of soothing but, drum roll please......WE DID IT! She fell asleep and I learned this: celebrate the small victories. I wanted this day to come but there was a part of me dreading it and to be honest I wasn't sure if I was going to make it but the alternative wasn't acceptable. I'm the mom, I'd like to think that means I'm in charge, it's my job and I take it seriously! This small triumph has helped me to realize the importantance of both independence and structure and I will be working daily to make sure that I'm encouraging both every way I possibly can.

There's so much to catch up on but the good news is that there's plenty of time to cover what I'd like to call "the bad, the ulgy and what happend to the good?" that last few months of my life have been. But for now, it's a new year and what I'd like to do is take a nod from this site, my word I want to embrace love in all it's different ways this year, it goes without saying that I'd like to find love, or does it find you?'s to love!


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