Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mom's On a Mission

There is a part of me that feels extreme guilt for my lack of writing. There are a few things that factor into my depriving you.

I kinda feel like a bore. Up until last weekend I hadn't even been out. In an effort to drop some lbs. in preparation for my 10 year high school reunion I went on a sugar free diet, enlisted the aid of appetite suppressants, made myself cozy with daily visits to LA Fitness and every Saturday morning forfeited the joy of sleeping in (yeah right! who am I kidding?) to go to the most intense exercise class I've experienced. The good news is the reunion is this weekend. I've got seven pounds to go and even though there is a part of me that's frustrated I wasn't able to do more when I see myself in pictures the change is noticeable. The compliments are definitely encouraging too. Today I even discovered that I dropped a dress size! I grabbed a dress in a size 12 and to my surprise it was a little baggy so I decided to try a 10 and wa-lah! it fit. Although I've hit the part of the journey where I'm burnt out and wanting to pig out that moment in the dressing room really helped me. I'm going to devise a sustainable plan and keep at it, the way I see it I've still got seven pounds to lose.

I learned my lesson the hard way last weekend. Naps when you rise with the sun are essential. Last Saturday I was up at 6:00, back home by 10:00 and around 12:30 back on my way out to watch the Georgia game (which by the way we lost!). After picking up my Elle and mom we were on our way to Wal-Mart and by this time Mom also had three beers in her. Needless to say crashing and burning was inevitable, right? Lucky for me I've got some great back-up in the form of my grams and she pitched in allowing me a much needed nap. I came very close to over-sleeping and missing my triumphant return to the nightlife but alas I didn't and in no time flat I was on my way to pick up my best friend and have a fun night out. This fun "night out" turned into "all night out" as I rolled back up to my house at 4:00am. What was I thinking? There are no words. All I know is four hours later my sweetpea was up and ready to get the day started I couldn't say the same for her mom though. Luckily I gave Jesus the wheel and after breakfast and a bath Elle was ready for a nap and I couldn't have been more happy. That nap was the best I've slept since Elle's been here. I even got in a shower and our bag packed to meet my bestie who I kept waiting longer than I care to admit.

The life of a single mother is a hard one! Believe me there's plenty more where that came from...


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