Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My Lil' Nugget

Last night I was blogging away and when technology failed me and none of it saved. I couldn't bring myself to try again so with that I went to bed and decided to give myself a pass. Here I am today, refreshed and writing significantly earlier than I normally do.

Yesterday I decided I would start taking a cue from Elle and use her to learn and laugh from. I've been deep in brainstorm mode with what to term it and decided to take my inspiration from Chelsea Handler, she calls her assistant Chuy her little nugget and well Elle looks like a nugget so there we have it, my lil' nugget. Since yesterday's was so good I'm going to start with that.

Go with your gut, I was watching television and Elle was playing in the hallway when there was a noise at the door. Elle got up and like a little lightning bolt made her way to me. My mom was unlocking the door and it scared her, it was absolutely hilarious.

I've got a fussy girl in need of a nap in my arms, yes I typed this with her in my arms...


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Omar Garcia said...

Hello Vanessa. Its your Uncle Omar.
You have a Sister that would love to make some sort of connection. Her name is Felicia. I see that you are family oriented and write about making connections with family. So, with that said, would you like her number, email, etc????