Monday, September 26, 2011

I'm Laughing to Keep from Crying

I have these moments where I think "I want to blog about this" and then said moment passes and the same sick cycle repeats itself. The main reason I've avoided placing my hands on the home row, also known as "a-s-d-f-g-h-j-k-l" is because life is kicking my ass & I'm talking with the sentiment of a "love TKO" minus the whole love thing. I'm guilty of putting on a happy face meanwhile those who know me best see the not so happy faces, mind you there are many. Besides who wants to happen across this hilariously well written blog and be bombarded with some crazy (yet cute) woman ranting and raving about wanting to beat people up, saving for a punching bag & who defines a good time as drinking a beer and falling asleep on the couch; only to wake up and realize there's a mess I need to clean and a dishwasher that isn't going to start itself. So maybe just maybe there's a way for me to find a way to say "today I wanted to punch myself in the face" but like in a funny way.

Being unemployed comes with one pretty awesome perk, my daughter. I'm not gonna lie sometimes it doesn't feel so awesome but I'm sure at the ripe ol' age of almost two I was giving my parents the same, hmmmm...let's call it joy. I know every parent thinks the world of there child (or children) but I know for a fact (yes, I took a poll) that my daughter is the funniest, smartest and prettiest of them all. She certainly makes me want to pull my hair out when I'm exhausted, yelling her name & calling her a stinky baby and she proceeds to run around laughing hysterically or better yet she gets on her tippy toes to close the door and says "buh-bye," no I'm not making any of this up. Ultimately I have her to thank for remaining a sane and functioning person. My life is like clockwork same routine, different day and clearly falling apart to the extent I wish were allowed is not an option, besides in the midst of it all there's plenty to laugh at, for example:

My mom's birthday just past and I thought it be nice to get her some balloons. Big. Mistake. Little did I know Elle's fascination and love for them, had I realized this I would have just got her one. We were somehow able to exit Party City, get her in the car, balloons safely secured and in the house without losing one of the three balloons. When it came time to leave the house she wasn't budging without her teddy bear [PAUSE]

*I'm gonna go off on a tangent now, bare with me...before I was a mom I SWORE I would NEVER be one of "those mom's" that let there child parade around with stuffed animals, dolls, etc. I am one of "those mom's" now and if it weren't for bears I'm sure it would make car rides, shopping, bed time & boo-boo's much more painful for all involved.*

[UNPAUSE] and a balloon. So I had the pleasure of getting her and a balloon in the car and I have to admit it was smooth sailing until we got back home and she wanted to hold the balloon sans any help from mom, she's such a tough guy! Well I granted her the independence she was begging for and faster then you could blink your eye the pretty red balloon was floating off to begin a new adventure.

She's pointing at the balloon

The balloon stuck in the tree

I think she's expecting me to get the balloon instead we just waved buh-bye!