Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Mumbo Jumbo

The toughest part of forcing myself to sit here and hit the keys is where to start. There's so much to cover, hmmmm. I'll start with the most obvious (and easiest) EB.

Well we're at the half way mark to hitting "the terrible two's" and I'm unashamedly in the brainstorming phase because there is party in the horizon and well I set the bar pretty high last year so the only way to go is up! I'm actually looking forward to this year just a little bit more because we would have hopefully *fingers crossed* acquired some friends. In my opinion that's what makes a kids party a kids party, the kids (and the adult beverages). I think I know what direction I'm heading it's just a matter of working out the specifics. We're trucking through summer with cute dresses, fun at the pool and cool sunglasses to keep us looking and feeling cool.

I guess I'll give you the condensed version of the past few months:

I found out about an Easter egg drop and although it turned into an all day event we had a blast. I was hoping our second go'round we'd have better luck. The key I learned rather quickly was to get there early. We took a ton of pictures, got a photo with a celebrity (yes, in the south the Chick-fil-a cow counts), had a yummy lunch that took me right back to elementary school (i.e. hot dog and french fries) & eventually just a "few" hours later we were lined up on a high school football field awaiting the go ahead to run onto the field and get us some eggs. It couldn't have been more worth it.

Happy Easter!

My church had a Mother's Day tea and well this is the gang! It was worth missing a few hours of work to spend some time with the gals. I even got a very cute mug and flower pot with pictures of lil' beauty and a poem.

We had the pleasure of finally getting our Baby Loves Disco on and although it left plenty to be desired, the old testament holds true "you get what you pay for" and in our case it was a free event.

"Fun" times at the pool! She really does love the water.

In the words of Oprah, you'd call this a full circle moment in my life. We went to my high school alma mater, the original building was getting knocked down and they invited students old and new to walk the halls one last time as we all remembered it. Eleven years later and I've gone from gawky teenager to sexy single momma!

And they you have it, all caught up! Actually, there's so much more to dish on...


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