Friday, February 11, 2011

(not) So Fat Girl Friday

I've been wanting to start this for weeks now, but Friday comes, goes and well on Saturday I chastise myself and vow to do better next week. Well, I'm here music going in my headphones and feeling pretty damn proud of myself. Side note-it's 12:26am, which means it's "technically" Saturday but you know what I'm okay with that.

My inspiration to start my (not) So Fat Girl Friday came from what you'd call "word of the week alliteration envy", for example there's Wordless Wednesday, I've seen a Work It Girl Wednesday, and even a Thankful Thursday. Here's to hoping it catches like wildfire and there women saying you know what I've got a goal, a plan and yes, I gave into eating that slice of cheesecake!

Around six weeks ago I started Weight Watchers, after being both bombarded and motivated by the Jennifer Hudson commericals & when they waived the registration fee, I decided to go for it. I even found a mommy-and-me meeting, which means Elle can come too. I started January 7th at 161 lbs. and for the past five weeks I've been doing this painful dance with three pounds, allow me to explain. I lost 2.4 lbs, gained 2.2 lbs., lost 2.8 lbs., and today I gained 2.4 lbs. and with that lost my temper mostly with myself but doled a bit out to one of the ladies that works there, again allow me to explain. The first time I did Weight Watcher's which was years ago I was never a fan of taking off every article of clothing to weigh in. You have women taking off there coats and shoes and I find it a bit ridiculous. We walk around with our clothes on and if we wore our skivies and proudly displayed our weight well then maybe I'd feel differently. Today I was asked to take off my jacket, which I found out weighs a pound after I not so politely made the comment "it doesn't weigh 5 lbs." Come to find out it was a gain week so I guess she was attempting to be helpful.

Here's the thing the only person who controls how successful I am at this is me. I get it. I'm not mad at Weight Watchers or there employees at the location I attend meetings. I'm losing weight to look better in my clothes, my 1 lb. jacket included. If I just stick to counting points and not giving into every indulgence I'd be on the right track, it's easier said then done & I guess I'm realizing that even cheating once shows itself come time to weigh in. So no, I can't eat Zaxby's, have two glasses of wine and expect to be losing weight, mind you I did this the day before weigh in, what the hell was I thinking? Clearly I wasn't! In my defense I will say that most days I'm on track I'm having turkey lettuce wraps for lunch and even eating more fruits & veggies but I could certainly be doing better beginning with the food that I buy. I learned the hard way that I can't buy potato chips, I'm in love with the Sweet Heat BBQ Lays, and well after a chip binge I vowed to not buy them again until I've got more will power.

My 5% target is 8 lbs. and I'd like to be minus them in the next four weeks, that means if I'm eating right and exercising a few times a week this should be easy peasy, riiiiight?! RIGHT! My goal this week is write down everything I eat, everything!

In the words of J. Hud: I want to feel like Vanessa but with new arms, new legs and this smile...


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