Wednesday, September 1, 2010

270 Days of Mommyhood

This is my just three months away from being a one year old beauty!

But before I go get too far ahead of myself let's enjoy month #9! First let's gush over those two teeth...aren't they fabulous? I KNOW! Elle's breaking them in nicely too. As soon as food enters it doesn't stand a chance, she's chewing away. Speaking of food we've graduated to the third level of Gerber & enjoying all sorts of snacks now that she's officially a crawler. She's also enjoying "tastes" of table food, so far under her belt she's got chicken, eggs & ice cream. It's pretty much impossible to sit down to eat without Elle letting you know (i.e. grunting) that she'd like to have some too. It actually excites me because soon the days of formula and baby food will be behind us and I've got the makings of an adventurous eater on my hands.

Elle is crawling up a storm. Since she's not a huge fan of being confined and I'm not a huge fan of her cries & screams of frustration so I let her roam. She usually ends up in the same room I'm in and watches me while I do whatever it is I'm doing. When I leave a room in just a matter of seconds she's figuring out where I'm headed and she's on her way too. I love it! She's getting into everything and there are times when I just look at her amazed at what she's able to do. She's able to take all the contents of my purse out, she loves getting her hands on my headphones (and for that matter my phone), and when it appears she's out of options she's found a piece of fuzz or lint to occupy herself (and terrify me) with.

She has officially graduated to big girl baths! She absolutely loves the water, splashing it that is. And even though I inevitably end up drenched it's a lot of fun. She's all smiles until she grabs a hold of the washcloth that I'm using to bathe her and when I take it from her cue the water works. She doesn't like when you take something from her that she was having a good time with and clearly not done with. I give her something else and try to distract her but sometimes that's just not good enough.

She's even got a new hairstyle! Although the headband has been ixnayed she's rockin' a side ponytail. She's' got all that hair (and big might as well start having some fun with it. And since my taste is more headbands and hair bows I'm going to start making them. I've been doing a ton of reading and am ready to hit the hardware store and ribbon aisle and let my creative juices flow. I'm even thinking about taking up knitting or crocheting so that when it gets cold she can have her head covered and still be fabulous.

Here's to fall, football and uggs! XOXO

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