Tuesday, August 3, 2010

240 Days of Mommyhood

As we round the corner of month number eight we're hitting new milestones. Elle's able to get herself up and sit nice and straight. In the mornings after a bit of stretching and head tossing she's up and looking for yours truly. She's silly & laughs at everything. Peek-a-boo is her favorite. Whether you cover your face or her's she is always up for a few rounds of fun. She's definitely got some stubbornness in her, which I certainly didn't pass on to her. It usually shows itself when she's got something in her hand, which basically means it's making it's way to her mouth & it could very likely hurt her. One of her favorites is my headphones I suppose because the little ear buds fit perfectly into her little hand. She's also a huge fan of car keys as well as my iPhone. Since I've done some reading on the matter I always hand her something less dangerous (i.e. a toy) but it's just not as much fun. After a few tears she's all better.

She's still got jello legs but really enjoys standing up. She's also just started crawling forward. And is reaching for any and everything. It's so fun to watch her play with her toys, she's spinning, hitting, squeezing and pulling.

She's got a new car seat! And friend, the purple pup is Violet & she's going to teach Elle how to spell her name!

High chair...

and riding in the shopping cart! (I know she's not wearing shoes, don't judge me! And I'll be purchasing a grocery cart cover-thingy once I find a print that reflects our style.)


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