Friday, July 16, 2010

My Little Wiggle-Worm

Yesterday was Elle's first time riding in her stroller! A very big moment for us. Hip, Hip, HOORAY! I don't really like having to run errands during the week. If it can't take place during my lunch hour then it just has to wait till' the weekend. But now that I'm exercising during my lunch hour that means every now and again I've just gotta suck it up and get things done. Formula was needed so we headed out to Babies "R" Us and since we were out and it was close we made a quick stop at Target too. FYI-There is no such thing has a "quick stop at Target" LOL!

She did a great job at Babies "R" Us! Cool, calm, collected, just loving life. I'm in a bit of dilemma, Elle needs a new pair of sandals. She's inching her way out of the very stylish ones she currently has. My problem is that I really don't like what I've got to choose from which is the whole reason I hadn't bought any prior to them. To me they are so old lady and orthopedic looking. And we are neither old lady or orthopedic! So after picking up the formula, which I got a free can of! Gotta love the rewards program, after every 9 cans you get a free one & a bathing suit, which was on clearance too! We were off to Target. I had bought some outfits that were the wrong size & since I didn't have the receipt and they're such sticklers about there exchange policy I had a hunt in front of me. So to avoid a return visit I decided I had to try the shorts on to make sure they fit. Sounds like a smart thing to do right? WRONG! So here we are in the back of the baby dept. I've unbuckled Elle from her stroller, slid her bloomers off, got the shorts ready to go up and my lil' wiggle worm wasn't having it! She is practically going nuts and I'm doing everything in my power to not let her wiggle out of the stroller and on to the ground. I wrestle the shorts up and back down, WHEW! I picked out a few more things and then I realize I don't hear her lil' maraca...why is it so quiet? I take a few steps back and there it is on the floor. As we head for the customer service desk I don't see her passy. I check all around her and it's no where to be found, so we head back to the baby dept. on a mission to find it! A dad had picked it up off the floor and set it aside in case we returned, thank goodness because that was one of her cuter!

I left out our visit to the dressing room. Before we left the house Elle ate but eventually it was going to be time for a bottle. Insert our bottle break. She's a mess & falling apart, hunger pains have that effect & as I try to reason with her and explain that I'm moving as fast as I can, she's not really responding all that well. After a few additional minutes taking over the handicap changing room she was momentarily content and allowed us to finish up our shopping. One day she's really going to enjoy our shopping trips, yesterday wasn't that day!

Stroller=Struggle. XOXO


ShandyLand said...

Congrats on your workouts & Elle riding in the stroller!! And look at her sandals!!

V.V.Brown said...

I LOVE those sandals! It's gonna be hard to put them up :( LOL