Monday, April 12, 2010

120 days of Mommyhood

This is my four month old lil' beauty! She is quite the character. Her personality is beginning to come out more and more with everyday. She's talkative and spending more of the day with her eyes wide open & enjoying her view of the world. The culmination of four months came with the introduction food. It started and very quickly ended with the rice cereal. She HATED it! After talking about it with some other moms I soon realized that it was about finding what Elle enjoyed eating versus treating the Gerber guidelines as the end all & be all on baby nutrition. On the menu first were sweet potatoes, which she LOVED! Since then I've stuck to orange veggies (i.e. squash, carrots, etc). Next, is introducing fruits & in just a few months we'll be moving up to tasty combinations like sweet potato and apple. Also, on the food horizon I will be making Elle's food. I said I was gonna do it and well damn it...I'm gonna do it! LOL



Jakil & Steve said...

I am totally making food as well. I have a book with recipies as well as the trays for freezing food. I thought about getting that combination steamer and processor but I heard strange things about it and I don't want to take a $200 risk.

V.V.Brown said...

What's the name of the book? And I saw & immediately fell in love with one from! But you don't have to get all fancy-schmancy, especially since it's just a short stop on the way to table food :)