Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Mommy & Me Time

This is where me and Elle spent our Saturday morning! We both woke up that morning in our clothes from the day before, it was a rough night to say the least. Elle put up a serious fight with her sleep. And rather quickly I decided my last resort was to drive her around and put her to sleep. I got her in her bunting suit & buckled into her car seat but when I turned back around to my amazement she had fallen asleep. Rather then risk waking her back up I took her out of the car seat, unzipped her bunting suit, turned off the light and went to sleep. It was pretty funny waking up in that condition but all I could do was laugh & give myself a hi-five. We SURVIVED!

We were dressed, packed and leaving the house right on schedule. I was so proud of myself. Sometimes I can't help but feel like there is no such thing as enough time. As we approached our exit I realized we had enough time to go and do a return I had at Wal-Mart. Once in line though I wasn't too confident we were actually going to be on time. There were a few people ahead of us and only one person was working. Luckily, Octavious didn't move as slow as a turtle and we were able to get the item returned & back on the road with fifteen minutes to spare.

We were actually the first ones to arrive for the 9:00am class. As I was filling out the paperwork I actually had to think twice before filling out the parent information. My first thought was to write my mother's info. LOL! Yep that's right. My first thought when I see the word "parent" is my parent. Hello, I'm someone's parent now too. I forgot to bring socks with me. To be honest I'm not a huge fan of socks and if it weren't gross and looked down upon I'd walk around barefoot. I guess that's just the hippie in me. Luckily, I was loaned a pair!

Then it was time to get the class started. We began with just warming the babies up with some stretching and singing (Oh, the singing! I'm looking forward to being cool like all the other parents when I know the words too!) Next we placed the lil' ones on a beach-like ball, nearly scaring them half to death by placing them on there bellies facing away from us and moving them back and forth. The looks on some of the other babies faces were priceless. After we got there heart rates up we proceeded to slow things down by playing with some toys. During this portion of the class the instructor, Marc came over and talked with me about how Elle is developing. She's doing a really great job keeping her head up & he gave me tip about leaning her a little forward to help her work on learning how to sit up by herself because once she's there she can sit and play by herself which would give me back both my hands to do stuff. I'm sure doing laundry with a baby in your arms sounds like a fun time and all but it gets tiring rather quickly. Then we were on to every babies favorite time: tummy time. Elle actually kicked major ass here! She kept herself raised up and just took in everything that was going on around her. While we were having fun on our tummies & playing Marc walked around and got each of the babies for some time in the swing.

When it was Elle's turn she had a blast! As you see she was definitely surprised at first but it only took her a few seconds to catch on and enjoy the ride! We finished the class with some baby massage. We focused on the back, which meant the babies were back on there tummies and not everyone made it through successfully, but...Elle DID! She just layed there with her fist in her mouth (Yes, she literally sticks her fist in her mouth and sucks on it. Everyone now and again she sticks a few fingers in there and ends up gagging, it never fails), I can't make this stuff up!

At the end of the class we ended up signing up for an 8-block of classes. I know that Elle had so much fun! It was also great to see other parents. It made me embrace the whole mother thing. As I was signing us up I spoke with some other moms & we all agreed that it gets on our nerves when people say, "I miss that stage" (Ummmm...how about I call you at 2:00am or 3:00am & say hi) or "It gets easier" (Hmmmm...everyday I wake up and realize that today isn't the day, LOL! Easy is relative).

After class we went and had lunch with Kris. It was fabulous to see her & have her meet Elle. Like everyone else she fell in love with her and thought she was very pretty. We had Mexican & margaritas. The best part of all was that Elle slept the entire car ride home and stayed that way once we finally made it home and Mom got to take a nap!


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