Thursday, March 25, 2010

Let me Introduce You to: Ms. Fussy Pants

Elle was in rare form when my Mom brought her up for lunch. My office was having a BBQ, the weather was supposed to be fantastic and I couldn't think of a better way to enjoy all of the above then with my Elle.

She looked normal enough upon first glance but not even ten minutes later she was a crying fussy pants. There proved to be no soothing her. We went down the check-list: change diaper. check. feed the baby. check. slap the baby upside the head. oh wait, I'm getting ahead of myself...LOL! FYI-I would never actually do that it would be counter productive to calming her down :) We walked outside for some fresh air. Came back into the office, calmed down but not very long after that she was back at it and we were back outside. This time to stay though. We plopped down on the grass and enjoyed the sunshine. Before you knew it though it was time for me to get back to work and my mother was bullying me for some dessert, hahaha.

Here's how we spent our hour in picture form:

This was once Elle, I mean we decided that staying outside was the new plan.

She tricked us. This was just a few minutes before we headed back outside.

She was falling apart but still looking cute as a button.

She needed a moment to recompose herself.

Still suspicious but on board for enjoying the rest of the time we had together.

GROUP shot!

All smiles & having fun with Gram-Gram.

Me & my boo :)

Elle all buckled in & ready to head home.


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