Monday, January 18, 2010

6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1....

For six glorious weeks I was a stay at home mom. It was undeniably a fabulous time that allowed me to enjoy my daughter in a very special way. I've also decided that it's the way I was intended to live life: at home. Rising with the sun. Watching Play House Disney (which consists of Handy Manny a personal favorite, Imagination Movers, Jungle Junction & Mickey's Playhouse). Giving baths. Making bottles. Afternoon naps. TV time with Tyra & Oprah. Dinner. Laundry. Play dates. Need I even note doing all the aforementioned with hair and make-up done.

I was determined to make the most of our last week so we made our rounds and spent time with everyone who our lives wouldn't be the same without. I used Monday as a planning day and got our week mapped out.

I had a dinner date with Shanda. We met at my favorite restaurant Lenox Square Grill. We did some long overdue catching up, the last time I saw her was right before I had Elle which was Thanksgiving! And best of all she treated me :)

We went to Rebecca's for dinner. She made us chicken tortilla soup and for desert apple pie and ice cream. She mis-read the box and thought it was only going to take 15 minutes it actually took around 45 min. or so, but it was definitely worth the wait. When I'm at home and Elle's up I usually have the TV on disney or nickelodeon. It's true that the majority of the time she couldn't be less interested and is usually trying to figure out where I am and then stare me down until I pick her up. The three of us enjoyed Curious George, who I appreciate is a real monkey & communicates in genuine monkey grunts and coo's. Then we got pulled into the disney channel and noted that Zack & Cody from A Suite Life on Deck were looking older and "healthier" (anyone else remember there very chubby stage?). Followed by the Wizards of Waverly Place. All the while being pulled into a commercial they played every break about a new movie that was debuting over the weekend. We were in agreement if we were fifteen years younger we would have definitely been swooning over the cute boys who made up the more important part of the! On a side note, later on that weekend when I was flipping through the TV guide I remembered the movie was coming on and auto-tuned it. Sadly, I was fast asleep before it came on at 8 o'!

(Gymboree welcomed us with Elle & Kira's name on the chalkboard, Me & Elle, Kira & Elle)

Elle & I had our first play date with my girlfriend Kyi and her daughter Kira. We did a free class at Gymboree. Actually "free" was a $10 donation to St. Jude's. I wasn't sure if Elle was going to join us or not being that she was in the midst of some very good sleep. But after a lil' finagling she was up and partaking in the festivities. We sang songs, layed on our tummies, became one with our five senses and found the time to eat & get changed. We kept the good times rolling with lunch at Chick-fil-A! It was a sight to be seen. I could have never pictured me and Kyi together with kids. But I'm so glad to have another person who is going through the same things I am, understands and keeps me laughing along the way.

We did lunch with Tracy at PF Changs. I had never been there before and was not disappointed. It was not only really good food it was super inexpensive between the two us it was only $23?! It had snowed the night before so the roads were icy and everyone lost there damn mind, because that makes a whole lot of sense. You say the word "snow" in Georgia and you better start rationing bread & water. We drove slow and safe and made it in one piece. Since we were just right next door we went to the mall as well. I bought Elle some very cute sweat pants from H&M, they were only $5! I also treated myself to some bronzer that I love from bath and body works. Yes, I bronze and use self-tanner. I want that J-Low glow! Since it was on clearance I bought two and after raving about it Tracy bought two too! I also went scoping ear jewelry (i.e. earrings) for Elle. She's not old enough yet but as soon as she is we're getting those ears pierced. The piercing pagoda actually had a really great selection...I can't wait!

We rounded out our weekend going to a meetup group I joined so that we could both make some new friends. It wasn't too far from my house and I thought it was the perfect opportunity to get out there and start socializing. My GPS that I love so much wasn't able to find the address to where we were going. Luckily, my handy dandy i-phone got us there with no problem. Once we're there I'm introducing myself and Elle and exchanging pleasantries. Elle starts to stir and I realize it's time to eat. I go to where I ALWAYS put her bottles and....DUN-DUN-DUN, I forgot the damn bottles. It took everything I had not to fall apart and burst into tears. But that was how the old Vanessa would have reacted the new Mom Vanessa remains cool, calm and collected while figuring out a solution. Actually to be honest I was appearing to keep it together while freaking out on the inside. The only thing I could do was go buy some formula. The nearest store was Target so that's where we headed. I made a mad dash to the baby section and of course they didn't have the particular kind Elle eats but they had the brand. So I made an executive decision to not switch brands, in fear that she'd hate me and just got a different type. As I was walking to the register it dawns on me that I need a bottle. I walk all the way back to the section I was at and proceed to walk in circles looking for a damn bottle. Eventually, I give up and search for some assistance and am directed to where the bottles are. Which on a normal day I would have been able to figure out but given my panic stricken state it just wasn't happening. Before heading for the check-out a second time I cruise by the purse section and find something I really like on clearance, mom's gonna treat herself! On the way to heading back to the meetup we have to stop and get gas=taking. up. more. time. But the last thing I wanna do is run out of gas with Elle, so we do what we must do. Once we're back I get some words of encouragement. No, I'm not the worst mother in the world. Yes, I'm going to forget stuff. Elle eats while I get to know the ladies and have a muffin. Which by the way I baked fresh that morning. I didn't want to come empty handed and apparently impressed everyone. Not so impressive the whole forgetting the formula but no one held it against me. WHEW :)

Last but certainly not least we spent the following afternoon with my bestie Dizzy. Me and Elle went over to her place following church to meet for lunch. We had some time to burn so after a quick diaper change we were in the car and headed to Target. I picked Elle up some new stuff a couple onesies, jacket and the cutest pair of leg warmers! We ate lunch at a very cute japanese spot, hibachi and all. It was another delicious meal as well as entertaining. Everyone was really personable and I am looking forward to going back, for Dizzy's birthday dinner (in We spent our time catching up on lost time. I'm happy that she's not only back in my life but able to be a part of Ellie's (her nickname of choice).


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Fergster said...

I already could tell you were having a fab time off. You and Elle are going to be a classic, chic and stylish duo!

I have to get on my baking and get the name of the japanese spot you went to.

Yes, you will have moments where you forget things. Its normal, and your human. You are a great mom, just think how your only going to get better from here. :)

Can't wait to read about more of your adventures! And to meet for lunch/dinner next month. ;)