Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Operation Graco

Last night marked day one in the battle of getting Elle to sleep in her crib. The crib I initially wanted to be espresso, the same one I happened to find on sale & yes the one that I had bought sheets for well before the crib itself was even purchased. I have this joke that since it's a 3-in-1 I won't be buying Elle a bed until her toes are hanging off of it. Funny, I know. But far from true if the girl is going to spend her formative years in the bed with me.

At 8:05 when I thought it was safe I ever so slowly got up from my bed and ever so softly placed my sleeping angel in her crib, come 8:06 that sleeping angel I was just talking about was no longer sleeping...LOL! I got up four times and thirty minutes passed before she was right back where she wanted to be, in my arms on the bed that she's decided she'd like to call her own. The one thing she wasn't ready for was back up. [Enter open bedroom door Gram-Gram] Who ever so graciously took my side & joined the battle. 9:38, Gram-Gram is putting Elle in her crib and as I dread the coming of 9:39, nothing. Silence. (Insert small victory & accompanying dance)

The good news: we made it through the night
The bad news: she woke up every two hours like clockwork
More good news: when she fell back asleep she was placed back in her crib
More bad news: on time number four she got a small victory in the form of spending an hour sound asleep in my arms
Terrific news: she fell back to sleep and mom was able to blow dry and straighten her hair
Poignant news: this is only the beginning

The final time I put her back in there. That put's us at five, but who's counting? Victory will be sweet but the road to get there is another story.

Elle spent about twenty minutes awake laying just enjoying her mobile :)


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ShandyLand said...

OMG she's getting big, especially the last pic! Awwww Elle, she'll get use to the crib soon enough, especially if you have anything to do with it. Your doing a great job!