Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Hello World....Here we Are!

The day following our departure from the hospital was filled with appointments and tests for Elle & tears and frustration for myself....

We had to be a Northside Outpatient bright and early. Elle was born with jaundice & spent the four days of our hospital stay doing phototherapy to address it. By the end of our stay her level was low enough for her to go home, sans the phototherapy bed which FYI the hospital was going to send us home with if need be. Luckily, that wasn't necessary. But we had to make sure that her progress was still moving in the right direction hence our visit back to Northside. When we arrived my sweet girl was sound asleep and bundled up which made me uneasy when it came time to peel off the layers so that her little foot could get pricked. But to my surprise she didn't cry at all! I was such a proud mama :)

Before I lead you to believe that I was cool, calm and collected let me be honest. I cried in the waiting room. First, I was in a lot of pain. I hadn't gotten my prescriptions filled yet and the meds I had taken before leaving the hospital had worn off. Every step, breath & cough was extremely painful enough to cause tears on there own but let's not forget to factor in my emotional state. I didn't like not being able to drive, I couldn't carry Elle in the car seat because it was way to heavy, and I was walking like a eighty year old lady. Que the waterworks! But after I expressed that to my mom and Don I felt A LOT better and was able to move through the rest of the day with no problem. After the hospital we went and had breakfast. This is what my babygirl spent the day looking like...quiet and peaceful.

Our next appointment was with the pediatrician. I spent the visit taking pictures of everything from her head being measured to her being weighed. One of my favorite moments was when Elle made a bowel movement as we waited for the doctor. Just when we thought she was done, she wasn't! As my mom was telling me to put down the camera and get some wipes and a new pad I kept clicking away. Since you probably don't want to see it I'll spare you. Guess it's just one of the things only a mother can appreciate. Our pediatrican is absolutely fabulous! I met her over the summer and knew right away that she was a perfect fit for us.

Here she is with my Elle :)

Our final stop of the day was at Wal-Mart which meant time to get mom some much needed medicine! I was in so much pain that there was no way I could walk around so my mom pushed me around in a wheelchair...gotta love moms!


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Fergster said...

Your mom is a dear, she's there for her girls. Elle is soooo beautiful and I'm loving her chic wardrobe already! Elle will appreciate the 100,000 photos of her first thirty days also. Lol!!
I said the same, I will be a picture taking mom. They will be embarrassed one day, but then they will appreciate it.